AWS vSocket - Requesting an Amazon AMI Image

For sites in AWS that use a vSocket, the EC2 instance uses a Cato vSocket Amazon Machine (AMI) image as the AMI. Before you create a new AWS vSocket site, you need to open a ticket with Support so the image can be shared with your account.

This article includes all the necessary information for the Support ticket, so that you can receive the image as quickly as possible.


  1. Open a ticket with Support.
  2. In Category, select Installation, Deployment & Hardware.
  3. In Topic, select New Site Deployment.
  4. In Cato Connection Type, select AWS vSocket.
  5. Select Amazon AMI Required.
  6. Enter the Amazon ID for your AWS account.
  7. Select the Amazon Region for the vSocket.
  8. If you need a specific Socket version, in Amazon AMI Version, select the Socket version.
    Otherwise, select the newest version.
  9. Click Submit.

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