Configuring Settings for the macOS and iOS Clients

This article explains the features in the Settings menu for the macOS and iOS Cato Clients. For more about VPN office mode for the iOS Clients, see Configuring VPN Office Mode.

Using VPN on-demand

VPN on-demand controls the macOS and iOS Connect on Demand feature. When this feature is enabled, it allows the OS to automatically reconnect to the VPN when it is necessary to transmit data over the VPN. The Client then continues to send traffic over the VPN tunnel, including traffic to Internet websites.

When the device exits sleep mode or restarts, the Client automatically tries to connect to the VPN. Connect on Demand is disabled when you use the Cato Client to manually stop the VPN connection.

You can't configure the VPN on-demand as a Global Setting in the Cato Management Application, each SDP user configures it for himself. This feature is enabled by default on the Clients.

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