Welcome to Cato Networks

Are you new to Cato? Here is a quick overview of some of the key components of Cato's product and services:

  • Cato Management Application - Cato provides a cloud-based and self-service management application to control the entire service. It lets you control the network, access, and security policy configuration, and also provides detailed analytics and events in a single console.

  • Cato Socket - Cato's proprietary appliance with a light footprint and supports all the networking and QoS features to help you manage network traffic. The Sockets connect to the Cato Cloud and provide SD-WAN features and functionality and centrally controlled through the Cato Management Application

  • Cato Client - With a Cato Client users can securely connect to the nearest Cato PoP using strong Multi-Factor Authentication. Traffic flows only to applications authorized for the users based on identity, access policy, and user context. Throughout the session, traffic is fully inspected by Cato’s security stack to prevent malware propagation from compromised endpoints.

  • Cato Cloud - Cato’s security stack ensures the same enterprise-grade security is applied for all branches, users, and applications – everywhere.

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