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macOS Client - Automatic Upgrades from v4.5 and Earlier

Starting with macOS Client v5.0, Client upgrades are available via the Cato upgrade service. For versions 4.5 and earlier, the updates were only available from the macOS App Store.

What are the macOS Client v5.0 Upgrade Options?

You can choose to use the Cato upgrade service, or to manage the upgrades using an MDM.

What are the macOS Client v5.0 Requirements for the Cato Upgrade Service?

For the Cato upgrade service, there is a one-time requirement to update the Clients to v5.0. This version isn't available  on the macOS App Store, and the initial upgrade to this version will need to be done manually or using an MDM. Once the Client is upgraded to v5.0, the Cato upgrade service will manage future upgrades.

End-users can also download the Client PKG for the newest version from the Cato User Portal.

What are the macOS Client v5.0 Requirements for the Managed Upgrade with an MDM?

There are no special requirements. Admins can manage upgrading to Client v5.0 using an MDM and for all future upgrades.

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