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Supported Socket Transceivers and USB Ethernet Adapters

X1700 Socket Supported Transceivers

These are the supported types of SFP (Small form Factor Pluggable) transceivers that you and use with the X1700 Sockets. The transceivers are hot-pluggable and you can mix LR (long range) and SR (short range) transceivers in the same Socket.

  • SR generally supports up to 25m (or 200-300m for advanced cables)
  • LR generally supports up to 10km

These are the supported transceiver types and the Cato part numbers (P/N):

  • Transceiver 1G LR (P/N FTLF1318P3BTL)

  • Transceiver 10G LR (P/N FTLX1471D3BCV)

  • Transceiver 1G SR (P/N FTLX8519P3BNL)

  • Transceiver 10G SR (P/N FTLX8574D3BCV)

X1500 Socket Supported USB Ethernet Adapters

You can enable the USB1 and USB2 ports on an X1500 Socket to use an Ethernet adapter as a WAN link for the Cato Cloud. This article lists the adapters that are supported by Cato for all X1500 Socket models.

The maximum supported bandwidth for each USB WAN link is 25 Mbps for each direction (upload and download).

  • For Socket v14.0 and higher, the following adapters are supported:

    • Buffalo model:LUA4-U3-AGTE-BK

    • Elecom model:EDC-GUA3-B

    • Sanwa Supply model:USB-CVLAN1WN

    • Dell DBJBCBC064 USB 3.0

  • For Socket versions v5.0 - v13.x, the following adapter is supported:

    • Dell DBJBCBC064 USB 3.0

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