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Showing User Analytics with SDP Users Overview

This article discusses how to use the SDP Users Overview screen to show analytics for all the SDP users in your account.

Analyzing Traffic with the SDP Users Overview Screen

The SDP Users Overview screen shows analytics and Client traffic data for all SDP users in your account. With one click, you can drill-down and show the User Monitoring > Network Analytics screen already filtered for the user and time range.

The SDP Users Overview screen also highlights Client connectivity issues for each user.


These are the actions you can perform in this screen:

  • Throughput drop-down menu - Filter for the SDP user throughput: Total Throughput, Upstream, or Downstream

  • Monitoring_Icon.png Monitoring icon - Opens the User Monitoring > Network Analytics screen to show analytics for that user

  • Configuration_Icon.png Configuration icon - Opens the User Configuration > General screen to configure settings for that user

Using the Time Range Filter

Use the time range filter in the top right corner of the screen to display analytics for a specific duration. You can use one of the predefined time ranges, or customize your own time range. To read more, see Setting the Time Range Filter.

Drilling-Down to a Specific SDP User

You can easily drill-down and view the analytics in the Monitoring > Network Analytics for that SDP user:

  • Click the Monitoring icon

  • Click the specific SDP user

In addition, you can hover over the highlighted areas in the analytics graph to show the types of connectivity issues that occurred for that user.

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