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Product Update - July 11th, 2022

New Features & Enhancements

  • Sections for Firewall Rules: Firewall rulebases with many rules can be hard to organize, navigate, and manage. Now you can add sections to the WAN and Internet firewalls and group related rules together into a single collapsible and expandable section. Read more.
  • Duplicate Rules for Firewall Policies: With one click, you can duplicate a rule in your WAN and Internet firewalls. This creates a new identical rule directly below the original rule, and allows you to modify the conditions and parameters as needed.
    • When using Firewall sections, the duplicate rule is added directly below the original rule in the same section
  • Socket HA Enhancement: Socket High Availability (HA) is now enhanced for Sockets running different minor versions (e.g., Primary Socket runs 14.0.1111, Secondary Socket runs 14.0.2222). The same version condition only verifies that both Sockets run the same major version. Read more.

Cato SDP Client Releases

  • Linux Client v5.0: Linux Client version 5.0 is now available to download from the Cato User Portal. This version includes:
    • Support for Single Sign-On (SSO) with external browsers. Read more.
      • Requires Linux browser for authentication
      • Supported Linux OS versions:
        • Ubuntu v18 and higher
        • CentOS v8 and higher
        • Fedora v36 and higher
        • Debian v11 and higher
        • Mint v20.3 and higher
    • Automatic authentication with cached credentials
    • Tunnel resiliency and automatic tunnel recovery
    • Faster reconnection
    • Stabilization fixes
  • macOS Client v5.1: We are starting the gradual roll-out for the macOS Client version 5.1. This version includes:
    • For Single Sign-On (SSO) - Using the external browser to authenticate with the IdP. Read more.
    • Enhancements:
      • Improved overall stability and connectivity to the Cato Cloud
      • Enriched user notifications
      • Improved connectivity when switching networks
    • Bug fixes:
      • Resolved bugs in the SSO authentication flow

Security Updates

  • IPS Signatures:
    • Malware - PandorahVNC (New)
    • Brute force Attempt Telnet (Enhancement)
    • Brute force Attempt HTTP User Authentication (Enhancement)
    • CVE-2022-30525
    • CVE-2022-22972
    • CVE-2022-1654
    • CVE-2021-44632
    • CVE-2021-44631
    • CVE-2021-44630
    • CVE-2021-44629
    • CVE-2021-44628
    • CVE-2021-44627
    • CVE-2021-44626
    • CVE-2021-44625
    • CVE-2021-44623
    • CVE-2021-44622
    • CVE-2021-40487 (Enhancement)
    • CVE-2021-31166
    • CVE-2018-19949
    • CVE-2017-6862
    • CVE-2017-12149
    • CVE-2010-1871
    • CVE-1999-0532 (Enhancement)
  • Application Database:
    • Discord (New)
    • Erecruit (New)
    • Google Chat (New)
    • Google Keep (New)
    • Google Meet (New)
    • Packetix (New)
    • RemoteCall (New)
    • RemoteSupport (New)
    • RemoteView (New)
    • Sendgrid (New)
    • Vidyo (New)
    • WebDav (New Service)
    • Bing (Enhancement)
    • Google Hangouts (Enhancement) 
    • Miro (Enhancement) 
    • Pastebin (Enhancement) 
  • Application Control Policy:
    • Granular Action: Pastebin - Login with credentials (New)
    • Granular Action: Pastebin - Remove paste (New)
    • Granular Action: Pastebin - Edit (New)
    • Granular Action: Pastebin - Upload paste (New)
  • TLS Inspection
    • Twitter - for macOS, the native Twitter client is bypassed, only browsers are inspected (Enhancement)

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