Analyzing Traffic for all Account Sites

This article discusses how to use the Sites Overview screen to show analytics for all sites in your account.

The Sites Overview Screen

The Sites Overview screen shows throughput data for each site in your account. The timeline graph shows the network throughput for the site and performance for the selected time range. You can then select a site to drill-down and show more specific analytics.

Getting started / Using the Timeline Graph for Sites

This table explains the fields in the timeline graph for a site.






Site information

Name and status for the site


Network analytics

Average throughput, distance, and packet loss for this site


PoP location

PoP location that the site is connected to


Throughput drop-down menu

Filter for the site throughput: Total Throughput , Upstream, or Downstream


Monitoring icon

Opens the Site Monitoring > Network Analytics screen to show analytics for that site


Configuration icon

Opens the User Configuration > General screen to configure settings for that site


Connection status

Connection status for specific links and indicates if there are performance issues

Time buckets are highlighted in the throughput graph when there is more than 2% packet loss​

Using the Sites Overview Screen

You can use the mouse to show specific throughput data for a point on the timeline. In addition, you can show or hide the connection status for the links.

To show the Sites Overview screen:

  • From the navigation pane, select Monitoring > Sites Overview

To show specific throughput data:

  • Hover the mouse pointer on the timeline, the specific timestamp and throughput for each link are shown.

To show or hide the link connection status:

  • For a site with multiple links, click the plus or minus icon to show or hide the link connection status.

These are the explanations of the connection status:

  • Green 360003838397-Connection_Status_-_Green.png - link is connected and active, no issues detected

  • Olive 360003930618-Connection_Status_-_Olive.png - link is connected and passive, no issues detected

  • Yellow Connection_Status_-_Orange.png - link experienced a moderate performance issue

  • Red Connection_Status_-_Red.png - link experienced a severe performance issue

  • Gray Connection_Status_-_Gray.png - link is not connected

Link Metrics for the Health Bars

If the link suffers from packet loss or a high distance, the colors of the Analytics link health bars indicate the metrics about the link health:

Link Health

Packet Loss


Green (Healthy)

0 - 2 %

Less than 900 ms

Yellow (Issues)

2 - 5 %

900 - 950 ms

Red (Critical Issues)

Greater than 5 %

Greater than 950 ms

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