DLP Product Update - July 18th, 2022

Introducing Cato's DLP Service

  • Control File Transfer with True File Type Detection and Out-of-the-Box Data Types: Cato’s Data Loss Protection (DLP) service provides seamless real-time content inspection and gives you visibility and control over how data is used and transferred. DLP lets you minimize risks for data breaches or accidental data loss and easily meet the industry compliance regulations and standards.
    • New Data Control Rules: The DLP engine supports 40 file types and over 350 data types which can be controlled with the new granular DLP policy in the Application Control screen (read more)
      • Supported file types includes: Microsoft Office, executable files, and source code
      • Ability to specify the file size that you are inspecting
    • DLP Content Profiles: Create profiles based on pre-defined data types from a variety of countries and languages (read more)
      • Data types include: PII, financial, medical data, and so on
      • Re-use the same DLP Content profiles in SaaS Security API policies (coming soon)
    • DLP Dashboard: Shows a quick overview of data related violations in your network and easily drill-down to the relevant events (read more)
    • Requires a separate DLP license - contact your Cato representative for more information

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