Product Update - August 8th, 2022

New Features & Enhancements

  • First Upgraded Users for Client Upgrade: For the Automatic Silent Upgrade and User Upgrade policy for Windows and macOS Clients, you can define a group of users that are the first to receive the Client upgrade to the new version. You can monitor these users and review the new Client behavior. Read more.
  • Enhanced DLP Support for OpenOffice Files: DLP Data Control Rules (Security > Application Control) now supports OpenOffice files as an out-of-the-box file type. Read more.
  • Exporting Events and Users Requires Admin Editor Permissions: Now only Cato Management Application admins with Editor permissions can export events or users.
    • Exporting events – Monitoring > Events (read more)
    • Exporting users – Access > Users (read more)
  • Update to the Users Screen: Starting on August 14th, 2022, the Users screen (Access > Users) will also show the following information: User Principal Name and Authentication Method. Read more.

Cato SDP Client Releases

  • Windows Client v5.4: Starting the week of August 7th, we are planning to start the gradual release of the Windows Client version 5.4. This version includes:
    • Improved error messages in the Client for SDP users which better explain connectivity issues
    • Performance enhancements
    • Also includes infrastructure for upcoming features
    • Bug fixes:
      • When the Client is in Office Mode, it now uses the PAC file of the local system instead of the PAC file defined in the Cato Management Application

PoP Announcements

  • Bogota, Colombia: A new Cato PoP is now available in Bogota

Security Updates

  • IPS Signatures: 
    • Malware Electron Bot
    • Malware LockBit 3.0
    • CVE-2022-32275
    • CVE-2022-29499
    • CVE-2022-26133
    • CVE-2022-25546
    • CVE-2022-24497
    • CVE-2022-24491
    • CVE-2022-23270
    • CVE-2021-44864
    • CVE-2021-35211
    • CVE-2016-6366
    • CVE-2015-2051
    • Google Hacking Database exploits (Enhancment)
  • Application Database: Updated app definitions in the Cato Cloud:
    • Show the SaaS apps in Monitoring > Cloud Apps Catalog
  • Application Control Policy: New granular actions added to these apps:
    • ClickUp - Download file, Change status, Assign, Upload file, Create task
    • Confluence - Edit, Share, Post (Publish)
    • Exavault - Download, Upload
    • Hubspot - Export
    • Monday - Add Person To Item, Change Task Status, Create Task
    • Wrike - Upload, Download
  • Data Loss Prevention:
    • OpenOffice Documents (New Group):
      • OpenDocument Spreadsheet(ods,ots)
      • OpenDocument Presentation(odp,otp)
      • OpenDocument Text(odt,ott)

Knowledge Base Updates

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