Socket Version 15.0 Release Notes

Socket version 15.0 includes the following features:

  • Blocking Local Routing when a Site is Disconnected from PoP: If a site is temporarily disconnected from the Cato Cloud, the default behavior is fail-open. You can change the behavior to fail-closed and block the local routing traffic for specific sites or the entire account.
  • Use the Socket WebUI to Reset Registration Data for a Socket: After using the Cato Management Application to unassign a Socket, if you can't reassign the Socket to a different site, use the Socket WebUI to force the Socket to enter the unassigned state. Read more.
    • After the Socket is unassigned, a notification is shown in the Cato Management Application that lets you assign the Socket to a different site.
  • Stability improvements
    • As part of implementing enhancements for the packet handling mechanism, the Socket applies a stricter policy for misconfigured connectivity settings. For example:
      • The Socket now drops traffic arriving with the incorrect VLAN tagging from the LAN switch

      For more information, see this article.

  • Security updates
  • Bug fixes

This version also includes the firmware for new features, and in the coming weeks we will update the Cato Cloud and release the following feature:

  • Setting Socket Port when Bypassing the Cato Cloud: For sites with bypass rules, you can choose to assign a preferred Socket WAN port to egress the traffic.

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    Added description of the Stability Improvements to Socket v15

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