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Showing All Sockets in the Account (Sockets Inventory)

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This article discusses the Sockets Inventory screen which shows information about all the Sockets ordered for and connected to your account.

To show the Sockets Inventory screen:

  • From the navigation panel, select Administration > Sockets Inventory.


These are the explanations of the columns in the Sockets Inventory screen:

  • Status - Status of the Socket as follows:

    • Ordered - Cato received the order for the Socket

    • Shipped - Cato shipped the order to the physical site

    • Delivered - Socket was successfully delivered to the physical site

    • Installed - Socket is installed and connected to the Cato Cloud, but is not yet assigned to a site

    • Connected - Socket is connected to the site

  • Sites - Site name or Unassigned if the Socket is not yet assigned to a site

  • Type - Socket model (for example, X1500)

  • Version - Socket OS version installed on the Socket

  • Serial Number - Socket serial number (S/N)

  • MAC Address - Socket MAC address (only for X1500 Sockets)

  • Shipping Date - Date that Cato shipped the Socket

  • Carrier - Shipping carrier that is transporting the Socket (for example, Fed Ex or DHL)

  • Tracking Number - Tracking number for the shipped Socket and links to the tracking information for the carrier

    Each carrier can maintain the the tracking information for a different length of time

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