Showing All Sockets in the Account (Sockets Inventory)

This article discusses the Sockets Inventory screen which shows information about all the Sockets ordered for and connected to your account. It also lets you assign Sockets to sites.

To show the Sockets Inventory screen:

  • From the navigation panel, select Administration > Sockets Inventory.


These are the explanations of the columns in the Sockets Inventory screen:

  • Status - Status of the Socket as follows:

    • Ordered - Cato received the order for the Socket

    • Shipped - Cato shipped the order to the physical site

    • Delivered - Socket was successfully delivered to the physical site

    • Installed - Socket is installed and connected to the Cato Cloud, but is not yet assigned to a site

    • Connected - Socket is connected to the site

  • Sites - Site name or Assign to a Site if the Socket is not yet assigned to a site

  • Type - Socket model (for example, X1500)

  • Version - Socket OS version installed on the Socket

  • Serial Number - Socket serial number (S/N)

  • MAC Address - Socket MAC address (only for X1500 Sockets)

  • Shipping Date - Date that Cato shipped the Socket

  • Carrier - Shipping carrier that is transporting the Socket (for example, Fed Ex or DHL)

  • Tracking Number - Tracking number for the shipped Socket and links to the tracking information for the carrier

    Each carrier can maintain the tracking information for a different length of time

  • Delivery Form Site Name - Office name on the delivery form for the Socket
    This column is hidden by default

  • Description - Displays the Description for the Socket defined in the Site Configuration > General page

    This column is hidden by default

Assigning a Socket to a Site

In the Socket Inventory page, you can see all of your Sockets. You can sort the inventory by Site to see which Sockets have not yet been assigned and assign those Sockets to a site.

To assign a Socket to a Site:

  1. (Optional) Click the Site column to sort your inventory by unassigned Sockets.

  2. Click Assign to a Site.

  3. Enter a description and select the site to which to assign the Socket.

  4. Click OK.

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