Using SSO and the Cato SDP Client (Video)

This video shows how to connect your account to Microsoft Active Directory and then use Single Sign-On (SSO) to add an SDP user to the Cato Client.

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    Hello Jørn-Morten!

    My apologies that I only got around to responding to this comment now!   We are very interested in capturing comments like the one you have posted.  In order to do this we are busy setting up the Cato Online Community which you should be able to access via this link.  If you navigate to this web page you will see a topic called "Cato Product Suggestions".  This would be a great place to post such comments.  Other members will be able to share their views and it is also possible to vote for the ideas.  The direct link to the topic is here.

    I will submit a post based on your comment to this topic and try and generate a discussion around it.

    Kind Regards,

    Dermot Doran (Cato Networks Community Manager)

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