New Audit Trail Item Related to an Update to the Cato Cloud Infrastructure

To optimize preferences for Socket connectivity, Cato is starting to gradually disable and deprecate a legacy configuration that will let us implement a newer optimized PoP selection mechanism that is related to one or more sites in the relevant accounts. This process should be seamless and have minimal negligible for the sites, however, it may cause a site to re-connect to the same PoP in the Cato Cloud.

No action is required on your part.

  • This optimization will be completed during Cato’s regular scheduled maintenance window (which are not during working hours)
  • The change will be shown as an item in the Audit Trail screen (Monitoring > Audit Trail) as a change by the Admin System User, with the following details:
    • Module: configuration
    • General Property.0: changed from socket_preferred_pop_ip

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