Upgrading to Socket v15 - Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues Related to Misconfigured Connectivity Settings

If you encounter certain connectivity issues after upgrading to Socket v15, verify the following configurations:

  1. Connectivity issues due to switch port misconfiguration. When the Socket receives untagged traffic from the neighboring switch for a subnet that is configured with a VLAN tagging on the Socket side, then the Socket drops the traffic. This issue usually happens when the native VLAN is misconfigured on the switch side, or when the switch port is configured in access mode instead of 802.1Q trunk.

    Solution: Fix the switch port configuration, so that the same VLAN tag is configured on both sides.switch_access.png
  2. Intermittent connectivity issues due to duplicate IP address with a neighboring network device. The issue appears when the neighboring device sends periodic ARP/GARP messages to the network segment announcing Socket’s IP address as its own. This issue can appear due to a firewall configured with transparent mode sending GARP messages
    • Firewall configured in transparent mode sending periodic GARP messages containing the Socket’s IP address, and blocks the relevant traffic due to misconfigured network rule
    • A neighboring network device with a duplicate IP address
    • A neighboring network device with an outdated ARP table

      Solution: Fix the duplicate IP problem by assigning unique IP addresses to each device’s network interface.


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