Exporting Security Rules to a CSV File

You can generate a CSV file that contains the data of all the rules for a Security policy rulebase in your account.

Exporting Security Rule Data

You can export the Security rule data to a CSV file for the following policies:

  • Internet firewall

  • WAN firewall

  • TLS Inspection

  • Application Control


Note: Firewall sections are not included in the export data.

To export the rule data:

  1. From the navigation menu, select the relevant Security screen.

  2. Click Export, and in the pop-up window click OK.

    The Save window for the browser opens.

  3. Select the location for the CSV file and save the file.

    The Cato Management Application exports the date for the Security rules to a CSV file.


Note: Only Cato Management Application admins with Editor role have permissions to export to a CSV file. For more about configuring admin roles, see Managing Administrators.

Understanding the Contents of the Exported File

The top row in the exported CSV file lists the field names and options for rules in the relevant rulebase. Then the rules themselves are listed according to priority, starting with the lowest number value (Cato predefined rules have a priority of -1). Exceptions immediately follow their parent rules.

Fields containing multiple values include the relevant logical operator between the values (OR or AND).

Some fields specify a data type and a value. For example, a Source configured with the IP address appears in the CSV file as IP is

This is an example of a CSV file for an Internet firewall rulebase:


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