Showing the DHCP Pools for a Site

Overview of DHCP Pools

The DHCP Pools screen shows all the networks and VLANs that are configured to receive IP addresses from Cato's DHCP server. The network ranges for a site are configured in the Networks screen for that site (Network > Sites > {site name} > Site Configuration > Networks).


To show the DHCP pools for a site:

  1. From the navigation menu, click Network > Sites and select the site.

  2. From the navigation menu, click Site Monitoring > DHCP Pools.

  3. Click Reload to refresh the data on the screen (the data isn't automatically updated).

Understanding the DHCP Pools Fields

This section explains the columns and fields in the DHCP Pools screen.

  • Network Range - Name and Subnet of the range that is configured for a DHCP range

  • DHCP Range - DHCP range that is configured for this network segment

  • Allocated IPs - Number of IP addresses in the range that the Cato DHCP server has allocated to hosts

  • Available IPs - Number (and percentage) of IP addresses that are currently available for this network segment

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