Socket Version 16.0 Release Notes

Socket version 16.0 includes the following features:

  • Stability improvements

  • Security updates

  • Bug fixes

  • This version also includes the firmware for new features, and in the coming weeks we will update the Cato Cloud and release the following feature:

    • Enhanced DNS Support for Socket Sites: Cato Sockets will also accept DNS requests that are sent to the Socket LAN interface IP addresses. The Socket will relays the DNS request to the PoP for further processing.

    • Backhauling via a Socket's WAN IP Address: Egress some of the Internet applications via a public IP used by a Socket.

    • Hairpinning Traffic to the Same Site: You can backhaul specific Internet applications from the site to the PoP (for the Cato Security services) and then back to the same site for further processing.

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