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Changing the Email Address of SDP Users (EA)

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Email addresses of SDP Users that are updated in your SCIM or LDAP provider are automatically synced to your Cato account.


Note: This is an Early Availability (EA) feature that is only available for limited release. For more information, contact your Cato Networks representative or send an email to


For users that are synced to your Cato account using a SCIM or LDAP provider, changing an email address in the provider automatically updates that information in the Cato Management Application.

Changes to an email address made in the SCIM or LDAP provider aren't immediately reflected in the Cato Management Application. SCIM providers sync with your Cato account automatically in near real time, LDAP providers sync with your account automatically once every 24 hours.

Updating the Email Address of Existing SDP Users

This section describes how to change the email address of existing SDP users in your account.

Changing the Email Address in the SCIM or LDAP Provider

In your LDAP or SCIM provider, update the email address of the user. The email address will be automatically changed in your account after the next sync between your LDAP or SCIM provider and the Cato Management Application.

Limiting Email Updates for LDAP

For account that use LDAP for Directory Services, you can choose to limit the number of emails that are updated for each sync. After the limit is exceeded, no more email are updated during that sync. For example, if the number is set to 100, and 125 email addresses were updated in the LDAP provider. Then the sync completes and updates 100 email addresses.

The default setting is to not update any emails during LDAP sync. The feature is enabled and the limit is set to 0 users.


To configure the number of emails that are updated per LDAP sync:

  1. From the navigation menu, click Access > Directory Services, and select the LDAP tab or section.

  2. Edit the LDAP Provider, and in the General tab go to the SDP User Sync Settings section.

  3. Enter the maximum number of user emails that are updated per sync.

  4. Click Save and Close.

Known Limitations

  • You can't change the email address of users manually added to your Cato account

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