Creating an Online Order for Your Cato Account

This article discusses how to use the Online Orders page to order additional items for your account, such as: increased bandwidth for sites, IP addresses, SDP user licenses, Sockets, and so on.


Note: This feature is currently available only as a limited release. For more information, please contact

Overview of Online Orders

The Online Order page simplifies the process to order licenses and other items for your account. When you submit an order for the new items that you are purchasing, the order is automatically sent to Cato's Customer Success team. Your organization then receives a confirmation email with the details for the order. The Online Order page shows the status for the item, so you can easily track the progress of your order and accurately estimate the start date for purchased licenses and items.

Before you can start using the Online Orders page, complete and sign the Electronic Order Program (EoP) enrollment letter with Cato that gives you permissions to use the Cato Management Application to order licenses and other items for your account.

The Online Order page only shows items that you ordered using the Cato Managements Application. Items that you ordered directly from a Cato Partner, representative or Customer Success are not shown in this page.

Geographical Regions for Site Bandwidth Licenses

Licenses for site bandwidth is based on the following geographical License Groups:

  • Group1 - NAM (North America) and EMEA (Europe)

  • Group2 - APJ (Asia, Pacific) , ANZ (Australia, New Zealand), LATAM (Central and South America), Africa, Middle East, Dubai

  • China, Morocco, Vietnam

    For these countries, the licensed bandwidth for site traffic is divided into these types of traffic:

    • Global - Traffic that the destination is outside of the country, for example a global China license is applied to traffic from Beijing to Tokyo

    • Regional - Traffic that the destination is inside the country, for example a regional China license is applied to traffic from Beijing to Shanghai


  • Cato received the EoP enrollment letter and it clearly indicates the correct contact person in your organization

    • Make sure that the contact information is up-to-date

  • For sub-accounts, that are managed by Cato resellers and partners, review and confirm that the agreement lists the correct contact person

Creating an Online Order

Use the Online Orders page to submit an order to Cato, then the Customer Success team reviews the order and sends an email to the contact person to complete it.

These are the items that you can order in the Cato Management Application:

  • Site Bandwidth License - Update a site license and order additional bandwidth for a site

  • Site Early Activation - Activate a site earlier than the original date on the license

  • Sockets - Cato Socket appliances that are delivered to the physical office for a site

  • IP Addresses - Additional public IPv4 addresses for your account

  • SDP Users - New licenses for SDP users

  • Accessories - Additional items for Sockets, such as rack-mount kits or X1700 Socket network card add-ons


To create a new online order:

  1. From the navigation menu, click Administration > Online Orders.

  2. Click New. The New Order panel opens.

  3. Click New and select the item.

  4. Define the settings for the item you are ordering (not all settings are relevant to each item).

    1. Select the Site for this item.

      For accessories, select the Type of accessory.

    2. For SDP users, select where the users are physically located, Global or the applicable country: China, Morocco, or Vietnam.

    3. Define the Quantity or Bandwidth.

    4. Define the Start Date when you will start using the license or item.

    5. Click Add.

  5. Repeat step 4 for all the items that you are ordering.

  6. Click Submit.

    Your order is submitted to Cato's Customer Success team.

Understanding the Open Orders Status

The following table explains each Order Status for items that you ordered in the Open Orders page.

Order Status



Order was submitted in the Open Orders page and sent to the Cato Customer Success team

In process

The Customer Success team is processing the order

Pending confirmation

A confirmation email with the quote was sent to the contact person for the account

Waiting for the contact person to approve the quote


Order is successfully completed and closed


Contact person canceled the order before it was completed

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