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Customizing the Cato Client (EA)

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This article explains how you can use the Client Customization screen to use a custom logo on the Windows Cato Client.


Note: This is an Early Availability (EA) feature that is only available for limited release. For more information, contact your Cato Networks representative or send an email to


By default, the Cato Client is branded with Cato's logo on the Home and About screen. You can use the Client Customization screen to replace the Cato logo with your corporate logo.


  • Supported from Windows Client v5.5 and higher

  • The minimum height of the logo is 40px

  • These are the requirements for the logo file that you upload to the Cato Management Application

    • The maximum file size is 200KB

    • Supported file types: GIF, PNG, JPG, and JPEG

Customizing the Logo on the Client

Upload a file with your corporate logo to the Client Customization screen to define the global setting for your account. All the supported Clients in your organization will then show the logo.


To customize the logo for the Client:

  1. From the navigation section, select Access > Client Customization.

  2. In Brand Logo, click the logo to use the OS file window to locate file with the logo.

  3. Click Save.

  4. To reset the custom logo and restore the Cato logo, click Delete.png and then click Save.

Customizing the Logo for Reseller and Managed Accounts

When you customize the logo for a Reseller account, by default all the managed accounts automatically use the customized logo for the Clients in their accounts. Each managed account can choose to override the logo for defined the Reseller account, and use a different logo for the supported Clients in the managed account. After the logo is customized for the managed account, the Reseller account no longer impacts the logo for the managed account. For example, when you reset the custom logo for the Reseller account, the managed account continues to use it's custom logo.

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