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Configuration API - removeSite (EA)

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Note: This is an Early Availability (EA) feature that is only available for limited release. For more information, contact your Cato Networks representative or send an email to

Overview of removeSite

Use the removeSite API to delete any type of site from your account.

Locating the siteID for a Site

The site ID isn't shown in the Cato Management Application, you can locate the site ID:

  • Using the entityLookup API query (see Cato API - EntityLookup), use the type with the value site

    You can also use the search parameter with the value as the name of the site, and the query returns the site ID

  • Number in the URL for the Cato Management Application, when you selected a site (Network > Sites > {site name}). For example, the site ID is 12345 for the following URL:


Use the removeStaticHost API to delete a site in your account. You only need to use the siteId with this API.

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