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FAQ - X1700 Socket Hardware Update (X1700B)

Cato recently certified the updated X1700B Socket as a second hardware platform for X1700 Socket sites. This article addresses frequently asked questions relating to the update.

Does Cato plan to announce End-of-Life or End-of-Support for the existing X1700 Socket model?

No. Cato will continue to support all existing Socket models.

Can the existing X1700 and the new X1700B Socket models be used in the same Socket HA cluster?

Yes. There is full interoperability between the X1700 and X1700B Socket models.

Are there performance differences between the Socket models?

The X1700B has better hardware characteristics. However, both models are certified for 3Gbps.

When will we start shipping the X1700B Socket to customers?

Cato has already started shipping the X1700B Socket.

Will Cato replace the existing X1700 Socket model with the X1700B?

No. Cato will continue to support the existing X1700 model.

Does the X1700B Socket require a different site type in the Cato Management Application?

No. The site type X1700 covers both models.

Can the X1700B Socket model be mounted using the existing X1700 rack mount?

No. The X1700B is shipped with its own rack mount kit.

Do we need a different USB image to reset/reimage the x1700B Socket?

Yes. Each Socket hardware model requires a separate image. For more about resetting sockets, see Overview of Reimaging Cato Sockets.

Is there a pricing difference between the two X1700 hardware models?

No. The pricing is the same for both hardware models and the add-ons.

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