Product Update - January 9th, 2023

New Features & Enhancements

  • MDR Stories View in Cato Management Application: Customers of Cato’s MDR service now have full visibility for investigations into threats in the new Detection & Response screen. Threat stories contain a broad range of information that lets the customer:
    • Show live data about compromised sources and destinations
    • Track the progress of investigations
    • Analyze details of relevant traffic
    • Learn more about threats with third-party utilities
    • Coordinate better with the MDR team for effective remediation
  • Improved Visibility for Domain Categorization: The Domain Lookup tab is a new feature for the Apps Catalog that lets you identify how a specific domain is categorized in Cato Cloud. For example, you can look up a website and see if it is included in the Gambling category that is blocked by the Internet Firewall.
  • New Supported File Type for Anti-Malware: SVG files are included in Anti-Malware scans.
    The Anti-Malware service can now inspect SVG files for malicious and suspicious content.
  • Cato Management Application Enhancements:
    • Get the Latest Events with a New Refresh Button: Starting on January 16, there will be a new Refresh button in the Events screen to quickly and easily refresh it. The events list and any new or changed events are updated.

Cato SDP Client Releases

  • Windows Client v5.6: Soon we will start the gradual roll-out for the Windows Client version 5.6. Below is a preview of planned features and enhancements for this version. Read more about best practices for upgrading Clients.
    • Improved Out-of-the-Box Security:
      • Deploying Clients with Always-On Enabled: You can automatically enable Always-On for new Client installations, so that users will not have Internet access until after they are authenticated.
      • Automatically Show Client when the Device Starts: To let an SDP user set up a new device and easily find the Client and then Connect to the network, you can now use a registry flag to define if the Client app automatically opens or not.
    • Exclude Network Ranges from LAN Blocking: Use the Split Tunnel feature with LAN Blocking to define subnets that are excluded from the tunnel. For example, this lets a device connect to a LAN printer even though LAN Blocking is enabled.
    • Enhanced Windows Client Upgrade Process: We added roll-back functionality to the Client, and if there’s an issue during the upgrade, the Client automatically rolls back to the previous version.
      • The Client automatically upgrades to the next minor Client version when it is available
    • Improvements to Client Self Service: When using Self Service to troubleshoot the Client, now includes data from the Cato Cloud in addition to the local device.
  • macOS Client v5.3: Soon we will start the gradual roll-out for the macOS Client version 5.3. Below is a preview of planned features and enhancements for this version. Read more about best practices for upgrading Clients.
    • Improved upgrade experience for SDP users, and they are no longer required authenticate to the macOS during the upgrade
    • Admins no longer need to manually distribute the Cato certificate for TLS Inspection, the Client automatically installs it on the macOS device (similar to the Windows Client)
    • Performance improvements for macOS devices with the native Apple CPU chips

Security Updates

  • IPS Signatures:  
    • Malware - Brute Ratel (New)
    • Malware - Qakbot (Enhancement)
    • CVE-2022-37149
    • CVE-2022-2564
  • Application Database: 
    •  Added more than 200 new SaaS applications (you can view the SaaS apps in the Apps Catalog), including:
      • Active Directory Global Catalog over LDAP
    • Enhanced the following SaaS application:
      • WeTransfer
  • Updates to Application Control Policy:
    • New granular actions for this app:
      • Pastebin: Download
    • Enhanced actions for these apps:
      • WeTransfer: Upload
      • GigaFile: Upload
      • Yahoo Mail: Upload
      • LinkedIn: Add Attachment

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