Best Practices for Cato Client Upgrades

This article discusses best practices for the Cato upgrade service to manage the Client upgrades for devices in your account.

What Does it Mean When Cato Announces the Release of a New Version?

Cato's Release Notes announces upcoming changes for Client versions. When an upcoming release is announced, here are steps that you can take to prepare:

  1. Make sure that your account is using Cato's best practices for upgrading Clients:

    1. To ensure your SDP Clients are running the latest version, set the Client Upgrade Policy to Automatic by Cato.

      This policy uses the Cato upgrade service to automatically and seamlessly push new Client versions to devices.

    2. To evaluate a new version with specific users before it is rolled out across your account, define the Pilot Group.

      The Pilot Group receive the latest Client version before the rest of the SDP users in your account. This lets you evaluate the new version on a subset of users, before it is rolled out across your account.

  2. Monitor the Pilot Group for any potential issues. You can identify which SDP users have the last version of the Client from the SDP Users Dashboard. For more information, see Using the SDP Users Dashboard.

  3. 2 - 4 weeks after the new version is announced in the Release Notes, the Cato upgrade service starts the gradual roll-out (see below). You can view the progress of the gradual rollout from the Access > Client Rollout page, under the Rollout Status tab. For more information, see Managing the Rollout of Client Versions.

Gradual Client Roll-out for the Cato Upgrade Service

For accounts that use the Cato upgrade service to upgrade Clients in their account, the Cato upgrade service gradually rolls-out the new version to accounts. The goal of gradual roll-out is to provide the best end-user experience for remote devices. Cato continually monitors the new Client versions and can quickly stop deploying the new version, remediate any issues and then continue the roll-out with a new Client that includes the necessary fixes.

Cato has several roll-out phases which occur over the time period of a few weeks. SDP users are gradually upgraded to minimize any negative impacts of the Client upgrade. For more information, see Managing the Rollout of Client Versions.

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