How to define first upgraded SDP users (Video)

Do you want to select which SDP users would be upgraded first when a new client version is released?

The Automatic Silent Upgrade and User Upgrade policies use the Cato upgrade service to deploy the new Client version to SDP users. When a new Client version is available, it is gradually rolled out to the users in your account. Cato continually monitors the new versions to quickly identify any issues.

You can choose to begin the upgrade with a number of initial users in your account. Starting with the next version that Cato releases, these are the first users to automatically upgrade their Clients.

You can review the behaviour of the new Client version for the specified users. After a few days, the upgrade rollout continues with other SDP users. A notification is shown in the Cato Management Application when the rollout starts for the initial users.

Want to find out how? Watch the video below to get started:


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    C R Krishna Kumar

    Looks like outdated one, and need an updated video corresponding to the new CMA portal

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