CyberTalk with Bill and Robin: 6th February 2023

CyberTalk: The Security Update

Welcome to a video series intended to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues beyond what is simply in the latest newsfeed.

In this series, Robin Johns and Bill Carter discuss the top Security items that every cyber team needs to know to help keep them aware of what is happening in the broader security space, and more importantly, how Cato helps keep you protected.

This week we discuss the following topics:

  1. Nevada - RAMPing up the ransom
    • The"Nevada" ransomware operation has recently grown its capabilities, improving locking functionality on Windows and ESXi. Are you protected?
  2. IceBreaker - Help Desk Hysteria
    • Online Gaming and Gambling companies have been targeted by backdoor malware recently, as Customer Service agents were tricked into opening screenshots infected with embedded malware. How can you prevent your Service Desk from creating problems, instead of resolving them?
  3. VMWare Ransomware - CVE-2021-21974
    • A 2-year-old VMware exploit has made many news articles this week, as a wave of servers worldwide have been impacted. CERT-FR has issued an advisory, and people are panicking. What is this, why is it scary, and how does Cato Networks protect you?

Watch the latest episode here:

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