CyberTalk with Bill and Robin: 19th February 2023

CyberTalk: The Security Update

Welcome to a video series intended to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues beyond what is simply in the latest newsfeed.

In this series, Robin Johns and Bill Carter discuss the top Security items that every cyber team needs to know to help keep them aware of what is happening in the broader security space, and more importantly, how Cato helps keep you protected.

This week we discuss the following topics:

  1. Screentime – Somebody’s Watching Me
    • A new threat actor, dubbed TA866, is targeting U.S. and German companies with an information-stealing campaign. The Initial vector seems to be emailed with URLs or attachments (PDF, PUB) linking to JavaScript malware that installs WasabiSeed (malicious downloader) that pulls down Screenshotter. How can you be sure your data isn't being stolen?
  2. Bottling up your feelings - Is Pepsi Okay?
    • Crooks have breached Pepsi Bottling Venture's network, and after deploying info-stealing malware, have allegedly stolen personal and financial information based on a notification sent to customers. The breach happened on or around December 23rd, 2022, however, Pepsi bottling ventures - America's largest manufacturer and distributor of Pepsi-cola didn't notice the breach until Jan 10th, 2023. Investigations show that intrusion and malware deployment was successful, and lateral data theft occurred (including home addresses, passport info, SSNs, email addresses and more.) What could they have done to prevent this breach?

Watch the latest episode here:

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