Recording Issues Using the Cato Client

This article explains how to use the Cato Client to record issues to help Cato Support troubleshoot the issues.


Sometimes users experience issues while using the Client and Cato needs the logs to help understand and resolve the issue. The Client Self Service tool records data on the device while the user replicates the issue. The logs from this recording can then be provided to the Support team. By receiving only the data from the period when the issue was replicated, the Support team can quickly identify the exact issue reducing the need for additional questions. The recording can last for up to five minutes.

Use Case - Supporting Troubleshooting

A user tries to connect to the network from the Client, however cannot progress past the authentication stage. To help review and troubleshoot the issue, the user starts the recording on the Client and then replicates the issue. The self service tool records the device data and then saved it to logs which are uploaded to the Cato Support team to investigate.

The logs show that the device does have the required certificate to match the Client Connectivity Policy. The admin can now resolve the issue and install the certificate.


  • Supported from Windows Client v5.5 and higher
  • While recording, the Client must have internet access to uploaded logs to Cato Support

Clearing Cookies

For users authenticating with a browser embedded in the Client, clearing cookies could help resolve issues with authenticating. To clear cookies, click the Clear Cookies button and try again to connect.

Recording Issues with the Cato Client

Users can record Client issues and upload or send the logs to the Cato Support team.

To record an issue:

  1. From the Client, on the Settings screen, click Record Issue.

  2. In the Record Client Issues pop-up window, click Start Recording.

  3. Replicate the issue on the Windows device.

  4. On the Settings screen, click Stop Recording.

  5. Send the log files to the Cato Support team.

    The user can send the logs to the Cato Support team as follows:

    • Upload the logs - In the Recording is Ready pop-up window, click Send Logs to Support. Once the logs are uploaded, the user is provided with a reference ID. Send this ID in a ticket to the Support team as a reference to your logs.

    • Download the logs - In the Recording is Ready pop-up window, click the file link. Once the logs are downloaded, the user can email the file to their admin to provide in a ticket to theSupport team.


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