Showing Zendesk Tickets for Your Account

The Tickets screen lets you review all the Zendesk tickets for your account.

Overview of Zendesk Tickets

Each Cato Management Application admin can open and manage Cato tickets in the Zendesk portal. The Tickets screen shows tickets for all the admins in your account and also includes these Cato services:


Reviewing Zendesk Tickets

To show the Tickets screen:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Administration > Tickets:

These are the explanation of the fields in the Ticket screen:

  • Search - Whole word search that filters the tickets according to the Ticket ID and the Subject and content of the ticket

    For example enter socket to only show the tickets related to Cato Sockets

  • Ticket - ID for the Zendesk ticket

    Currently only the admin who opened the Zendesk ticket can click the link to open the ticket details in a new browser tab

  • Service - Cato service for the ticket: Support, ILMM, or MDR

  • User - Zendesk username of the admin that opened the ticket

  • Subject - Subject for the ticket when it was created

  • Priority - Priority assigned to the ticket

  • Status - Status of the ticket

  • Last Update - Timestamp for the most recent time the ticket was updated by the admin or by Cato

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