The Cato Community Rules of Engagement

We want this online community to be a place where people can share information and discuss all things Cato and SASE. Obviously, we also want to ensure that everybody can participate in the community without any fears or concerns. To help us create a useful, safe and friendly community we ask you to follow these simple do's and don'ts!

Do be as generous with your knowledge as you possibly can.
We don't expect you to share everything, but we do encourage you to at least ask questions and comment on posts. If you are confident enough to share knowledge and answer member questions, please do!.
Do ask for help via the Community!
Or, put another way, don't worry - get happy!  If you have a question there is a high chance that somebody has asked it before and that an answer already exists.
Do share your ideas!
If you have a good idea, why not share it?  Just like questions, ideas are very rarely original.  If you have an idea, there is a very good chance that somebody else has the same or similar idea.  Share it and start the discussion!
Do say "Thank you"!
If somebody responds to one of your posts in a helpful or just friendly way, do acknowledge it.  We're not looking for long statements here (leave that to diplomats and politicians).  "Thank you", is good enough.  No time to write "Thank you"?  See the next "Do".
Do vote!
You can respond to a post simply by voting for it.

Don't share details that you feel may compromise your identity.
Please do not share phone numbers, email addresses, links to FaceBook, etc.  "Sharing is caring", but stick to the knowledge! Much safer!
Don't participate in a flame.
Please "Keep Calm" and ignore flame posts.  The Cato Community Manager will contact anybody who enters into the downward spiral of a flame.
Don't spam or troll others.
  Actually, you probably won't get the chance because the Cato Community Manager will be watching and intervening.
Don't be rude or act in an unfriendly way.
If you do lapse into this sort of behaviour, please expect the Cato Community Manager to contact you!