Product Update - April 24th, 2023

New Features & Enhancements

  • Detection and Response View in Cato Management Application: Cato is introducing new Detection & Response screens with enhanced investigation capabilities. You can now see highlighted security stories identified for your account, and analyze them with a range of widgets and research sources. Regularly review these stories to significantly improve your security posture and help stay ahead of emerging security threats.
    Threat stories contain a broad range of information that let the user:

    • Display live data about compromised sources and destinations

    • Track the progress of investigations

    • Analyze details of relevant traffic

    • Learn more about threats with third-party utilities

  • PDF Reports Highlight Security Events: Now you can generate Security Reports that shows an overview of events for different Cato Security services.

    • Including these services:

      • Internet and WAN firewall

      • IPS

      • Anti-Malware and Next Gen Anti-Malware

      • IPS Suspicious activity (SAM)

      • IPS DNS protections

    • Generate reports for different time ranges and for specific sites and SDP users

  • Use Custom CA Certificates with TLS Inspection: Cato’s TLS Inspection now supports custom intermediate Certificate Authority (CA) certificates. This lets you use your own CA, and work with the certificates already installed on devices in your organization.

  • Improved Granularity for RBAC with Resellers: Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for the Cato Management Application now lets resellers assign roles to admins for specific customer accounts.

Cato SDP Client Releases

  • Windows Client v5.7: We are planning to start the rollout for Windows Client v5.7 during the week of May 1st. Here’s a preview of new features included in this version:

    • Device Posture for SDP Users in the Office: The Device Posture Profiles and Device Checks are now also applied for SDP users in the office behind a site (connected to the network). This lets you apply the same security level by enforcing the same device requirements whether SDP users are working from home, or in the office.

    • SDP User Feedback: To help us continually improve our remote access, SDP users can now provide feedback to Cato from within the Client.

      • Every few months, users are prompted to give a rating and comments

      • SDP users can also manually provide feedback at any time

    • Improved Client Resiliency with Rapid Reconnect: The Client infrastructure now includes multiple tunnels to provide redundancy. So, if there’s an issue, there is minimal packet loss and negligible impact to the SDP user experience.

    • Enhanced Client PoP Selection: We improved the PoP selection process to better consider multiple factors including geography and availability. The Client now more accurately selects the best PoP to connect to.

    • For more information about the Client rollout process, see the following articles:

Knowledge Base Updates

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