Product Update - July 10th, 2023

New Features & Enhancements

  • LAN Firewall Enhancement: The Upgrade to LAN Firewall action now also supports migrating the Local Routing rules to the LAN Firewall policy.

    • After the migration, the Local Routing rules are applied with the default action Allow Locally, with no change or impact to functionality

    • You can then configure the migrated rules in the new LAN Firewall policy

  • Enhanced Troubleshooting for TLS Inspection: To help resolve issues related to TLS Inspection, we added new events and fields that provide more details. For example, values for the TLS Error Description include: unsupported certificate, certificate revoked, unknown CA, no certificate, handshake failure.

    • The new events are generated automatically, without needing to configure an action

    • New fields include: TLS Error Description, TLS Error Type, TLS Version, Traffic Direction
  • Cato Management Application Enhancement:
    • Enhancement to Stories Investigation: Under Detection & Response > Stories Workbench each story includes a new widget called Targets Action Status allowing a quick overview of the relevant events for every target.
      • The information in this widget replaces the Events field in the Details widget.

Security Updates

  • Application Database:

    • Added more than 100 new SaaS applications (you can view the SaaS apps in the Apps Catalog), including:

      • Disney Plus

      • Google Photos

    • Enhanced these SaaS applications:

      • ExpressVPN

  • IPS Signatures: 

    • Ransomware Rhysida (New)

    • Ransomware 8Base (New)

    • CVE-2023-34843

    • CVE-2023-29084

    • CVE-2023-2554

    • CVE-2023-24950

    • CVE-2023-1389

    • CVE-2022-32995

    • CVE-2023-28231 (Enhancement)

    • CVE-2022-43771 (Enhancement)

    • Phishing Heuristic (Enhancement) 

  • Application Control Policy (CASB):

    • New granular actions for the following apps: 

      • Google Docs: View

      • Google Drive: View

      • Google Photos: Upload

      • Dropbox: View

    • Enhanced granular actions for the following apps:

      • Dropbox: Download and Login

      • Outlook: Send mail  

  • TLS Inspection:

    • Google Hangouts (New)

    • Google Calendar (New)

    • Google Plus (New)

    • Google Maps (New)

    • Google Docs (New)

Knowledge Base Updates

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