Product Update - Aug. 14th, 2023

New Features & Enhancements

  • Review Cato’s Best Practices for your Account: Cato’s new Best Practices page evaluates the settings in your account, and shows how they comply with Cato’s recommendations for optimal performance and security. For example, the service checks whether critical security services are enabled, and can identify security rules that are defined too permissively.

    • The Best Practices engine identifies misconfigurations and sub-optimal settings in your account and suggests how to resolve the issues

  • Network Analytics Report: The new Network Analytics report summarizes network usage and performance metrics of sites, users, and interfaces.

  • New Indications Catalog Provides More Context for Security Stories: Detection & Response stories in the Stories Workbench include indications (indicators of attack) with information about the behavior of potential threats. The new Indications Catalog provides a full description of the different signs and behaviors that indicate a cyberattack. You can also check the Indications Catalog to see if a specific indication is covered by the Detection & Response engines.

  • RBAC Enhanced Support for Sites and User Groups: Over the next few weeks, we are enhancing RBAC for Cato Management Application admins to include restricting admin permissions to sites, groups of sites, and user groups of SDP users.

    • Events and dashboards are automatically filtered for the admin permissions

    • Starting on Aug. 13, we are gradually migrating Regional Viewer admins to the RBAC framework and settings. There is no impact to admin permissions or functionality

Cato SDP Client Releases

  • iOS Client v5.1.2: iOS Client version 5.1.2 is available for download from the App Store. This version includes:

    • Improved connectivity in Office Mode

    • Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Download Newest Linux Client Version from the Cato Management Application: The Client Rollout page lets you download the newest version of the Linux Client (Version 5.1), directly from the Cato Management Application.

    • The newest version is also available from the Client download portal

    • The newest Windows and macOS Clients are also available from the Client Rollout page. For more information about the features and enhancements in the newest versions, see:

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