Product Update - Aug. 28th, 2023

New Features & Enhancements

  • New Single User Identity to Simplify Policy Enforcement and User Management: Over the next few weeks, we are unifying users into a single user identity to enhance policy enforcement and user management.

    • Policies will be enforced whether users are located behind a site or remotely  

      • Cato will automatically update all your users to the new single user identity

      • Policies that were enforced for either a User Awareness user or a SDP user, will now be enforced for the new single user identity  

    • All users will now be visible from the Users Directory page, providing a single location to manage and view all your users 

  • User Awareness Supports Manually Created Users: If you are using the single user identity (see above), you can identify manually created users behind a site using the Cato Identity Agent.

    • Users are required to have an SDP license and authenticate once

  • SDP User Authentication is No Longer Required Behind a Site: To simplify the user experience for SDP users behind a site, the Windows Client can connect automatically in Office Mode without SDP users manually authenticating. There is no impact on Security and User Awareness policies.

    • Supported on Windows Client v5.8 and higher

    • This replaces the previous behavior where, behind a site, authentication was required but had no impact on Security or Access policies

    • Over the next few weeks, for SDP users with Always-On enabled, you can choose to configure them to authenticate even when in Office Mode

  • Stories Workbench Enhancement - New Options for Grouping Stories: We added more grouping options in the Stories Workbench. You can now show the stories grouped by investigation Status and engine Type. For example, you can show all the open investigations together.

  • Indications Catalog Now Shows Which Indications Apply for Your Account: We added information to the Indications Catalog to show which indications are supported for the account, based on your license.

    • The catalog also shows your current Detection & Response license

  • SaaS Security API Supports Remediation Action for Box: Box Data Protection and Threat Protection rules support remediating potential security breaches in your organization’s Box tenant. When a rule is matched, the following action can be applied:

    • Remove Share: When a user tries to share a file, the SaaS Security API engine removes the unauthorized sharing permission

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