Partner Advanced Replacement Program

Cato offers the Partner Advanced Replacement Program (PARP) to Partners who purchase Sockets in bulk, or inventory Sockets, to efficiently replace their customers’ defective Sockets.

Partners who are enrolled in PARP can file a ticket with Support for an advanced Socket replacement to update the attributes of both the inventory and defective Sockets in the Cato Management Application. With the advanced Socket replacement, the inventory Socket gets associated with their customer’s account and the defective Socket gets associated with the Partner as one of their inventory sockets.

To know more about PARP and how you can register for the program, please send an email to

How can partners request an Advanced Socket Replacement?

If Partners need to swap one of their inventory Sockets with that of the defective Socket reported by their customers, they must raise a ticket with Support. 

Important: Before filing a ticket, make sure to unassign the defective Socket from the customer’s site in the Cato Management Application. 

Fill out the following fields:

  • Category: Installation, Deployment & Hardware
  • Topic: Socket Hardware
  • Socket Platform: <Enter the defective Socket's Model>
  • Affected Site: <Enter the customer's site>
  • Socket S/N: <Enter the Defective Socket's serial number or MAC address>
  • Priority: Urgent
  • Ticket Type: Request
  • Subject: Advanced Replacement Program | <Customer Account> | <Affected Site>
  • Description:

    Please process an Advanced Socket Replacement for these Sockets:

    Customer Account: 

    Defective Socket Model: 

    Defective Socket S/N: 

    Inventory Socket Model: 

    Inventory Socket S/N: 

What happens next?

One of our Support Engineers will review and process the request. Once complete, the Partner’s customer receives a new notification in their Cato Management Application that a new Socket is ready to activate and assign to the correct site. Please share the serial number or the MAC address of the inventory Socket with them to ensure that they are activating the correct Socket.

The Support Engineer will ask if you need to process a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for the defective Socket. If so, they will create a separate ticket for that, otherwise, simply let them know that you will not need to process an RMA.

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