XDR Network Playbook - PoP Reconnect to Improve Connectivity


The socket will initiate a PoP reconnect in two specific scenarios:

  1. This can occur either during routine PoP scheduled maintenance or in the rare event that it becomes unavailable
  2. When all links from the socket to the PoP fail to meet the threshold configured in Connection SLA.

Step 1- Starting the Site Reconnect to Improve Connectivity Investigation

Reconnected to the PoP issues can be identified through one of the following:

  • Go to the Stories Workbench page and use the Network XDR preset to find the Site reconnected to the PoP to improve connectivity stories.


    The story provides insight about when a reconnect was initiated for a site, what the current status is, and a full timeline of the events.

  • A Connectivity event that includes the following sub-event:

    • Performance issue detected, reconnected to a different service node in the Cato Cloud


Step 2 - Remediation

Please follow our playbook for Socket Site Tunnel Connectivity Troubleshooting.


Raising cases to Cato Support

If following this playbook has not resolved an issue, submit a Support ticket. To get the most helpful response to a request, an administrator should provide the results of the troubleshooting steps taken.

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