XDR Network Playbook - Site is Disconnected

This playbook describes steps to resolve issues when your site is completely disconnected.


Cato constantly monitors the status of a site. In some scenarios, a site can become disconnected when all of the WAN links are down.

Step 1 - Verifying that the Site is Disconnected

The following are different ways to discover that a Site Disconnected issue has occurred:

  • Go to the Stories Workbench page and use the Network Operations preset to find the Site down stories. It will show stories that are currently Not Closed.


    The story presents you with the various events that occurred in an incident timeline, as well as the current site overview, story details and more.

  • Connectivity events, with the Disconnected sub-type for both the primary and secondary Sockets.


Step 2 - Troubleshooting the Site Disconnect Status

The following article discusses different troubleshooting steps and Cato tools for troubleshooting Site Disconnect issues:

Site Connectivity Troubleshooting


Raising a Ticket with Support

If after following this playbook you are unable to rectify the issue, you may want to raise a ticket with Cato Support. When doing this, for the speediest resolution it is important that you include all insight gathered through following the above steps.

Please see Submitting a Support Ticket

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