Cato Support Communication Methods and Contact Information

Security is at the heart of what we do at Cato Networks, and we are serious in our commitment to safeguarding customer information. Notably, we recognize the gravity of concerns such as phishing and the integrity of personally identifiable information (PII), which resonate deeply with our customers, partners, and, consequently, us.

To ensure clarity and transparency, our customers must be well-informed about the precise communication channels employed by Cato Support. We want our customers to understand that Cato Support will only communicate through specific communication paths.

Cato Support has various communication methods to reach our customers, including phone calls, the Cato Support Portal, and emails.


Cato Support uses particular email addresses under the domain to communicate with customers. Our primary email address is

For our Support Services, we have the following:

Cato Support Portal

Cato maintains a Support Portal that requires authentication from the Cato Auth server at

If a customer is concerned about a link sent to them, the best practice is to manually access the Support Portal by typing the URL ( into the browser and validating the certificates.

For more information, see how to submit a ticket via the Support Portal.


Cato Support uses specific phone numbers for all communication, listed below:

  • USA: +1 505 333 4070
  • United Kingdom: +44 114 303 3899
  • Israel: +972 3 720 7171
  • Singapore: +65 3138 9013

If a customer has concerns about an incoming call, the best practice is to end the call and contact Cato Support through one of the phone numbers above or via the Cato Support Portal.

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