Product Update - Feb. 26th, 2024

New Features & Enhancements

  • AI-Powered Summaries for Network XDR Stories: We enhanced the Network XDR stories with a new AI Story Summary feature that uses an AI model to create a natural language description of the story with rich context. This can help the IT team quickly understand the incident and take appropriate actions.
  • New XDR Report for Network Stories: The new XDR Network report summarizes all the XDR Network stories generated for your account. This helps you highlight the comprehensive network detection capabilities of Cato XDR for relevant stakeholders in the organization.
    • The XDR Network report includes data such as:
      • Number of stories created with breakdown by Criticality
      • Sites with the highest number of Network stories
  • New Online Video Training for Cato’s EPP and XDR: We added a series of videos for you to learn more about Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Detection & Response (XDR).
    • Watch the XDR online training to learn about investigating XDR stories in the Stories Workbench and follow a sample investigation that identifies malicious activity in the network
    • Watch the EPP online training to learn about the benefits of Cato's EPP solution, creating an EPP policy, profile, and protection and monitoring settings. Also see how to install and work with the EPP agent. (requires that you are logged in to the Knowledge Base)
  • Cato Management Application Enhancements:
    • Show Site and Link Status in Network Dashboard: Sites and links now show the real-time status (Connected, Degraded, Down, and so on)
    • Set Default Homepage: Admins can choose their own homepage for the Cato Management Application. When they log in, it opens to that homepage.
      • Previously the Cato Management Application opened to the Monitoring > Topology page when an admin logged in

Knowledge Base Updates

Video Feature Overviews

Note: Content described in this update is gradually rolled out to the Cato PoPs over a two-week period. In addition, new features are gradually activated in the Cato Management Application over the same two-week rollout period as the PoPs. For more information, see this article. See the Cato Status Page for more information about the planned maintenance schedule.

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