Product Update - Apr. 22nd, 2024

New Features & Enhancements

  • New SaaS Security API Connector for Workplace from Meta: Over the next few weeks, we’re adding a connector for Workplace from Meta that lets you monitor for sensitive data in user posts, comments, and chats in your Workplace tenant. For example, detect when a user posts a message containing credit card details or API tokens.
    • Scans can include attachments
    • Events provide a link to the relevant message
  • Improved Supportability for SaaS Security API Connector Issues: The Integrations page now shows detailed information for the connectivity Status of SaaS Security API connectors, based on the errors reported by the SaaS vendor.
    • The new information is available for these connectors: Box, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Exchange
  • Client Connectivity Policy is the Central Location to Manage Device Posture Requirements: For customers who didn’t configure settings on the Device Authentication page, this page is no longer available in the Cato Management Application. You can manage all posture requirements using the Client Connectivity Policy
    • Device certificates can still be managed from the Access > Client Access page. For more information, see Controlling Certified Corporate Devices
    • We are sending dedicated customer communications for impacted customers to explain how to transition to the Client Connectivity Policy
  • AWS vSocket IMDSv2 Support: To align with AWS best practices, we are introducing support for the IMDSv2 security option for AWS vSocket sites, which employs session-oriented authentication mechanisms.
    • Supported for Socket v20.0.18221 and higher
    • Enabling IMDSv2 support on the EC2 instance doesn't impact the site functionality
  • Go to the Cato Product Roadmap in the Knowledge Base to follow the status of upcoming features and enhancements.

PoP Announcements

  • Tokyo PoP Location IP Range Optimization: We are improving the PoP infrastructure for the IP range that belongs to the Tokyo PoP locations.
  • A new geo-localized IP range is available for Paraguay, serviced through the Santiago PoP location:


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