Customizing Email Notifications

The Customize Email screen lets Cato accounts customize the look and feel of email notifications that are sent to Cato Management Application admins. For example, email notifications that are sent for Socket updates and license changes. For information about email notifications, see Working with Email Notifications for the Account.

For reseller accounts, you can choose whether to customize emails for all of the child accounts, or only for specific ones.

These are the elements of email notifications that you can customize:

  • Subdomain that the email is sent from

  • Sender Name that the email is sent from

  • Logo that is displayed on the email header

    • Supported file types: JPEG, PNG, and GIF

    • Maximum file size: 200 KB
    • We recommend that you use logos with transparent background
  • Brand color that is used for the theme of the email

  • Contact Us message that is shown on the footer of the email


To customize the email notifications for child accounts:

  1. In the context of your reseller account, from the navigation menu, select Administration > Customize Emails.

  2. Customize the elements for the notifications that are described above.

    • To upload a file for the Logo, click the image or drag-and-drop the file to the image.

  3. For reseller accounts - In Apply the email format to child accounts, select which child accounts will receive the customized email notifications:

    • Selected accounts - Select the child accounts that receive the customized emails. All other accounts will receive the standard Cato Networks emails.

    • All accounts - All child accounts receive the customized emails.

  4. Click Save.

  5. To remove all the customized email settings and replace them with the standard Cato Networks settings, click Reset to default.

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