Identifying the Category for a Domain

This article discusses how to use the Domain Lookup feature to find the Cato category for a domain.

Overview of Domain Lookup

Cato's system categories help you to easily manage the domains for different types of Internet content, such as Gambling or Hacking. However sometimes you don’t know which category a domain belongs to, and how policies might impact traffic to the domain. You can use Domain Lookup to show the Cato system categories for a specific domain.

For example, an Internet Firewall policy blocks the Gambling category. There are users that need to access a website related to gambling, you can't if that website is included in the Gambling category.

Sometimes you may need to redefine the category for a domain to meet your users' needs and align with your organizational policies. The Domain Lookup page lets you edit and override the default category for a domain, and define new domain categories for your account. For more about overriding default domain categories, see Overriding Default Domain Categories for the Account.

  • Only categories based on URL filtering services are editable. System categories defined by the Cato Security Research team can't be edited.

Domain Lookup also helps you assess the security risk of a domain with the following information:

  • Popularity - How often the domain is visited according to Cato internal data - low popularity domains are generally suspicious

  • Malicious Score - The likelihood that the domain is malicious according to Cato threat intelligence algorithms. The score ranges from 0 (benign) to 1 (malicious)

Looking Up the Category for a Domain

Copy and paste the URL or domain to the search bar, and the system category for a domain is displayed. 

  • Domain Lookup supports both TLD and FQDN domains
  • To report a wrong category, please contact Support

To look up the category for a domain:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Assets > App Catalog.
  2. Select the Domain Lookup tab.
  3. Enter a domain name or URL and click Search.

The screen shows the Category that the domain belongs to.

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  • Comment author
    Peter Soule

    What are our options for reporting an incorrect category or reporting a domain as malicious?

  • Comment author
    Jonathan Rabinowitz

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your question, and sorry for the delay in response.

    As stated in this article, you can report a wrong category or a malicious domain by contacting Support
    Additionally, when a user tries to access a domain and receives a Block or Prompt page, they can use the “Report a wrong category” link. You can read more about the Block/Prompt page here - see the section Reporting the Wrong Category.
    Also, we are currently developing a feature that will let an admin reclassify a domain on the account level, and override the existing URL category for their specific account.



  • Comment author
    Richard Wiltshire



    I've just been advised of 2 more URLs with the same issue:

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