Block Page - Connectivity Problem, Connection was Closed by Peer


Users randomly get a block page with the reason being "Connectivity problem, connection was closed by peer"



The Problem

  • When TCP proxy is triggered in Cato (see Accelerating and Optimizing Traffic) it's possible that during a TCP connection, we receive an HTTP request from the client, and at the same time the server side is closing the connection (i.e. received a RST packet). In this case, Cato has no chance to send the request to the server.
  • In the above scenario, Cato will reply to the client with the mentioned Block Page stating that it was the server side that closed the connection.


The Solution

  • The issue is likely related to a connection problem with the server.
  • Further data can be collected via Support Self Service which will generate troubleshooting files including packet captures from both the client and server. For better support, please open a Support ticket.

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